Custom-Made Cabinets vs. Stock Cabinets

Important for storage, cabinets may be custom made by a cabinetmaker or mass manufactured and sold in home improvement stores and other retail outlets. Unlike mass-produced cabinets, custom-crafted cabinets made by woodworkers such as Lyle Harrison of Lacombe, Alberta, can be made in diverse sizes and styles to suit a homeowner’s unique tastes. Lyle Harrison, who boasts 30 years’ experience as a cabinetmaker, has built hundreds of custom cabinets for a variety of individuals and businesses.

While stock cabinets present certain conveniences, such as widespread, ready availability, they are created in standard sizes and colors, and a consumer’s options regarding grain, depth, and stains are limited. Custom cabinets are crafted to precise specifications and can be deeper, wider, and taller than standardized sizes. The highly customized nature of cabinet making makes it ideal for rooms with sloped or oddly shaped ceilings and certain styles of décor. Custom cabinets are frequently used in the restoration of historic homes, when the homeowner needs to replace broken cabinetry with new cabinets that emulate the home’s historic style. Because of the labor-intensive nature of custom cabinetry, homeowners should expect to wait a certain period of time for the work to get done and to pay higher prices than they would for mass-produced cabinets.