Most Popular Wood Types for Cabinets

An accomplished cabinetmaker with more than three decades of experience, Lyle Harrison is founder and owner of Wolf Creek Cabinets in Lacombe, Alberta. Lyle Harrison founded the company after moving to Lacombe and recognizing a need for high-quality, custom designed and built cabinetry in the area.

Cabinets are made with a variety of materials, but one of the most popular materials is natural wood, which can last for several decades. The following are a few of the most commonly used types of wood.

-Maple: Offering tight and uniform grain patterns, maple cabinets often have a consistent appearance. Maple is normally a light wood, making it a good match for stains, and is popular for custom cabinets. In addition to its versatility and contemporary appearance, maple is known for being very sturdy.

Cherry: A slightly softer wood, cherry is easy to work with. The wood often catches the eye with its red hues and, rather than fading with sunlight, it often becomes a deep red over time. Although the grain in cherry wood tends to be more random, it is very tight and still allows for smooth finishes.

Hickory: One of the sturdiest woods used for cabinets, hickory is well known for its unique grain patterns. It is easy to stain and provides kitchens with a more rustic appearance. Given the large range of hickory species, the wood is available in a variety of shades and colors.

Oak: Highly resistant to damage, oak wood has one of the most recognizable appearances due to its dense grain patterns. Staining oak creates a wood with varying color grades, and its abundance makes it one of the least expensive choices for cabinets.